Über uns - Tennis Motion Desktop eine Software Tennis Trainer, Vereine, Spieler sowie Verbände

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About us

We are a Team of professional Tennis Trainers and Software Developers with many years of expierience.

Mrs. Viviana Moreno a Tennis Coach in Argentine.

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Klaus Rock based in Germany a Software Developer an enthusiast of the Tennis Sport.

Inventor and Brainchild

30 years of Experience in Computer Science and Developer of several worldwide pending Patents for the wireless Data Communication Industry (Satellite and Mobile).

Mr. Rock is a graduate in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in IT and Software engineering from the University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany. He graduated with top honours from the IBM Research Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany. He later becomes a top Systems Sales Engineer for Honeywell Bull in Germany.

1985 – 1998 Self-employed Software Development

• Custom Development
• Application Development
• Disaster Recovery

1999 – 2014 Research & Development with granted US and EU Patents
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